Please read before ordering.

Clover Hill Farm is focusing on a diverse breeding program, acquiring genetics from carefully bred populations over the entire United States. We're are certified NPIP/Avian Influenza clean and can ship chicks or hatching eggs directly to your door in the continental United States. Eggs are collected numerous times a day and turned regularly before shipping. We ship on Monday or Tuesday, to ensure eggs or chicks do not sit in the post office over the weekend. All packages are hand delivered to the post office and are marked "HOLD FOR PICKUP" to minimize risk from jostling around in the mail delivery truck or spending the day in a mailbox in the sun. 

Hatching eggs are carefully packaged and shipped, but we cannot guarantee hatch rate. Once they are in the hands of the US Postal Service, they're out of our control. Purchasing hatching eggs is a gamble due to shipping and incubation practices. Eggs can become damaged in shipping, even when not visibly broken. We do try to include extras, to cover any potential damage, but this is not always possible. There are no guarantees on hatching eggs. Our shipments are insured. Eggs broken in transit will be replaced if at all possible. We use a double boxing method and each egg is carefully wrapped. This method has proven very successful to get eggs to their destination in the best condition possible.

There is a minimum order of 6 chicks for shipment, and a minimum of 10 chicks for guaranteed live arrival. Chicks need to huddle together for warmth. Too few chicks in the box and they won't survive the trip. We include heat packs with our chicks for added warmth, as needed. We can also include extra cockerels from our autosexing breeds for free with a shipment to meet minimums, if they're available. Feel free to email with any questions. Local pickup can also be arranged.

Our regular hatching season runs through July 1st. Chicks ordered after July 1st are often hatched to order. We only set eggs on Monday evenings to allow plenty of time for shipping early in the week. After your order is placed, eggs will be put into the incubator on the next Monday.