I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.
— Winston Churchill

Down the rabbit hole of pork production...

We've experimented with multiple breeds of pigs over recent years before deciding that Berkshires were the breed for us. We still have several mixed breed sows, but they're being crossed to Berkshire boars as we advance through the generations. Our swine breeding program focuses on using artificial insemination to produce superior quality piglets. We source all of our genetics from Shipley Swine Genetics in Newark, Ohio. We raise our hogs on surplus raw milk, woodlot gleanings, pasture and pelleted ration as needed. 

We've found that allowing pigs to be pigs is the way to go. Our sows farrow out of doors and have the freedom to raise their piglets in a natural environment. By embracing the "mother knows best" mentality, we've successfully increased the number of piglets we manage to wean, with very few losses. We select hard for good mothering abilities and temperament. We believe that continuing to breed animals with unpleasant dispositions benefits no-one. Naturally raised piglets are hardy and have a healthy respect for electric fences, this helps them to move right into their new homes and succeed in a pasture/forage based environment when they're weaned at 8 weeks of age.