get to know your farmers...

As a family, farming runs deep in our blood. We both grew up working with cattle and horses, and were actively involved in 4-H and FFA. David enjoys building, making hay and keeping everything working around here. There isn't much of anything that he cannot bring back to life. Tonya spends most of her time with the animals. Be it cows to milk, hogs to feed, of chickens to care for, you'll see her going from chore to chore, with 2 small shadows tagging along to "help". The kids are actively involved in all aspects of the farm. They're not quite ready to work in the bee yard yet, but they've been on more swarm calls than we can count. 

We've enjoyed showing our children that anything is possible through hard work and perseverance. We want them not to fear hard work or a little dirt under their fingernails. They know where food comes from, the labor and dedication it takes to raise it, and how to get it onto the plate. Our ultimate goal is to raise children that understand the value of a dollar, only time will tell if we're successful there.